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Superyacht Foodie

Luxury Food and Drinks Marketing Program

Chef preparing seven star food for superyacht charter guests

Connecting Producers with Provisioners

Superyacht Foodie is a match making service that connects superyacht chefs, chief stews and provisioning companies with the producers of exquisitely unique, sustainable food and drinks, many of which are vegan or gluten free. 

This extensive marketing platform delivers powerful social media directly to the digital superyacht community and curated tasting baskets directly to some of the largest yachts in the world. Luxury events at key yachting locations give the next generation food companies the opportunity to meet their future clients and share samples of their fine foods. 

Superyacht Foodie Entry Requirements

To be accepted into the Superyacht Foodie program you must ensure that your product is rare, innovative, sustainable and healthy. Your company must be ready for international business with working social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, you must have marketing presentations in English and your packaging and labelling must have English included, or you must be willing to include QR codes on your packaging via Second Thought.  

 If you do not meet these requirements, please talk to us about our bespoke market entry packages which can help you to bring your company marketing up to the standards required to conduct business in an international, luxury marketplace. 

superyachts mooring in Port Hercules in Monaco
a selection of Finnish food and drink products on display

Product Testing and Feedback

We create bespoke Tasting Baskets using food and drink samples from all Superyacht Foodie clients and hand deliver them to the superyacht chefs and chief stews who place the food orders onboard so they can taste and fall in love with your products. We also deliver the baskets to leading superyacht provisioning companies who fulfil those orders for superyachts globally.  

 We encourage the chefs and stews to film and take photos while they are using your photos and share them with us to use on social media to further enhance your exposure and endorse your products. 

 There is also an additional opportunity to be part of a third basket that will be introduced to our private aviation clients.   

Superyacht Photo Shoot

We will organise a professional photoshoot with a photographer and videographer either onboard a superyacht or in a superyacht beach location with superyachts in the background Our team will curate a portfolio of luxury images and video content that will speak to the yachting community and best represent your products to your end clients in an environment that shows you are ready and prepared to do business with them. The images and videos will be used for the marketing package that we provide and will also be shared with you to use in future marketing efforts. 

toasted Finnish bread and salad on wooden platter with a red fruit drink
person posting food and drink photos on social media using a mobile phone

Social Media Package

We will publish one boosted social media post and one highlighted story in the summer season and the same again in the winter season for each brand that is part of Superyacht Foodie. We will also link your website via LinkTree on Instagram so you can be easily found on this highly productive platform. 

Your company posts will be boosted to specific tried and tested superyacht audiences reaching up to 30,000 people. Your posts will be supported and shared by other superyacht accounts managed within TUVYC and our social team will like and comment on your company posts, share your stories, hashtags and links to your website and encourage superyacht influencers to feature your products. 

Superyacht Radio

All Superyacht Foodie brands will be part of a comprehensive international radio brand campaign on the popular station Superyacht Radio. Live one-hour broadcasts featuring four brands per program will then be replayed five times each to cover all time zones and turned into a podcast that can be listened to on demand.  

Broadcasts will be share on Superyacht Radio social media, and the podcasts can be shared your social platforms, websites, and newsletters. You will also benefit from 360 pre-recorded, professional radio adverts reminding the superyacht community about Superyacht Foodie and to check out social media for information on all our partner brands.  

studio set up for an online radio broadcast
dockwalk article about superyacht foodie displayed on a laptop

Email Campaigns and Luxury Superyacht Press

Two email campaigns will be sent to 138 superyacht provisioners launching your brand and directing the provisioner to follow social media and get in touch if they would like to find out more about the new generation food and drinks that Superyacht Foodie are supporting.  

 We will also write a yearly press release detailing each partner brand and sharing images, descriptions, and links to your website. This PR will be sent to all key superyacht press globally along with additional luxury travel and lifestyle publications.   


Superyacht Foodie brands can take part in our exclusive networking event held at the Monaco Yacht Club in September giving you the opportunity to meet superyacht decision makers in person and offer them samples of your goods. This brings you and your brand into the heart of the yachting scene and is a fantastic chance to wow your future customers. 

We also organize an event in Cape Town in partnership with the Foreign Ministry of Finland to introduce Finnish Food to South African yacht crew and other hospitality VIPs. This two-part event is made up of a demonstration and networking day at a premier marina, and a very exclusive lunch at the Foreign Ministers private luxury residence, both using food supplied by Superyacht Foodie clients.

customers at the Superyacht Foodie event at the Monaco Yacht Club looking at a selection of food and drink
private jet on the tarmac preparing for a charter flight

Private Aviation

We work with some of the leading global private aviation companies and help them to source new healthy, innovative and ‘free from’ snacks and drinks for their executive lounges and private jetsWe offer this additional option with a separate contract to the companies that fit the strict requirements outlined by our clients.  

superyacht moored in a harbour with neon blue and green lights